Orthodontics in Portland, OR

Orthodontics in Portland, OR

If you have misaligned or crooked teeth and you feel too self-conscious to smile confidently, you may want to consider orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic therapies are suitable for all age groups to align the teeth permanently. At Dr. Little's office in Portland, Oregon, we offer traditional braces and clear aligners to help you realize a straighter smile.

How Can Orthodontic Treatments Help?

Orthodontics is a multipurpose branch of dentistry that can be used individually or combined with maxillofacial or cosmetic dentistry. Here are some common malocclusion conditions that orthodontics can address including:

Overcrowding is a common orthodontic problem that occurs when there is insufficient space for the normal growth and development of adult secondary teeth.

Aesthetic Concerns
Misaligned teeth may blemish a beautifully aligned smile. They can be realigned with ease and accuracy with orthodontic treatments. Alternatively, orthodontic treatments can restructure and reshape the lips, jaw, or face.

Anteroposterior Deviations 
The inconsistency between a pair of closed jaws is known as anteroposterior deviation. The deviations can be an overbite where the upper teeth are further forward than the lower teeth or an underbite in which the lower teeth protrude over the upper teeth.

Orthodontic Solutions at Dr. Little's Office

Orthodontics is an advanced field that offers many innovative solutions for malocclusions and other cosmetic dental concerns. Our dentist, Dr. Little, will perform a visual examination, take digital X-rays, and evaluate bite impressions in order to assess the exact nature of your smile discrepancy. When a diagnosis has been completed, we offer various orthodontic treatment options, including:

Traditional Metal Braces
Traditional metal braces comprise brackets and wires. The brackets are fixed to each tooth, and a metal wire is inserted through each base. The teeth are guided into correct alignment by regularly adjusting the wires. The fixed dental braces are completely removed when the desired results are achieved. Conventional braces can treat even complicated misalignment issues and deliver effective results. 

Removable Appliances 
There is a wide range of removable appliances available in orthodontics, including headgear that helps correct overbites. Hawley retainers can improve the position of the teeth even as the jawbone reforms and face masks are used to rectify an underbite.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can realign and straighten your teeth by using clear and removable plastic aligners. The Invisalign system consists of a series of aligners, which gradually move your teeth into the desired position. They allow you to perform your oral functions like eating and brushing comfortably. In addition, the Invisalign aligners provide a discreet appearance, especially for those conscious about their looks while undergoing the treatment.

To learn more about our orthodontic solutions, visit Dr. Little's office at 4455 SW Scholls Ferry Rd Suite 101, Portland, OR 97225. You can also reach Dentist in Portland, OR at (503) 291-0000 and schedule an appointment.


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