Nitrous Oxide Treatment in Portland, OR

Nitrous Oxide Treatment in Portland, OR

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a popular form of sedation that we use to manage pain and anxiety in patients during their dental treatment. The odorless and colorless gas is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a mask fitting your nose. When you breathe through the mask, you start feeling the effects of this sedation in a few minutes. 

The use of nitrous oxide doesn’t make you laugh. However, you feel much more relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. You may also feel lightheaded and tingly. Laughing gas may make you giggle once or twice. 

What Is Nitrous Oxide Used For? 

  • Nitrous oxide is given to all the patients who are anxious or fearful about their treatment. We also administer this type of sedation to uncooperative patients. 
  • You may be given this sedation if you have special healthcare needs. 
  • We administer laughing gas to patients with gag reflexes. 
  • This form of sedation works best for patients who do not respond to local anesthesia. 
  • Laughing gas is also used among younger patients who may need lengthy dental procedures to maintain their dental health. The use of nitrous oxide is considered safe and effective for children. 

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work? 

During dental treatments, nitrous oxide may work in three different ways. First of all, its use makes you relaxed and calm. Nitrous oxide reduces pain and produces a feeling of euphoria. Consequently, your anxiety remains at bay. 

The procedure doesn’t involve any pill or needle. As soon as you breathe this gas through a mask, its effects start working on your body. Even though the effects of this sedation make you feel relaxed, you do not pass out completely. Nitrous oxide does not make you sleepy. You may still be able to communicate with us and respond to our commands. 

To get rid of the effects of this gas, we will give you another mask through which you will breathe in pure oxygen. Inhaling oxygen through this mask will bring you back to your senses. We advise you to bring someone with you to the clinic to drive you back home. Do not engage in any strenuous activity for the following 24 hours after sedation and treatment. 

What Are the Benefits of Nitrous Oxide? 

  • The effects of nitrous oxide are quick and immediate. 
  • This form of sedation is apt for lengthy treatments. 
  • It is suitable for all age groups. We may even administer this type of sedation to children before their treatment. 
  • Nitrous oxide doesn’t have side effects.

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