IV Sedation in Portland, OR

IV Sedation in Portland, OR

IV sedation in dentistry is a form of conscious sedation that helps you feel relaxed and comfortable during your treatment. It doesn’t put you to sleep but makes you less aware of what is happening around you. When we administer IV sedation, you do not feel anything, which further helps us carry out the procedure smoothly. You may respond to verbal commands, and the procedure can be completed without any hassle. 

What Are the Benefits of IV Sedation? 

  • As IV sedation is administered intravenously, it starts acting quickly. The effects of this sedation are immediate. 
  • You do not feel any discomfort or pain throughout the treatment. 
  • It is easy for us to monitor your vitals, and the dose can be adjusted during the treatment. 
  • IV sedation creates a long period of amnesia. This means that, when the effects of this sedation are gone, you will not remember anything that happened during the treatment.
  • This form of sedation allows you to cooperate for a long period. Even if we have to perform multiple procedures, IV sedation makes the best choice. 

Who Can Opt for IV Sedation? 

Before choosing you as a candidate for IV sedation, we will evaluate your health. This involves reviewing your medical history and the use of medication, if any. You are a good candidate for sedation if you have moderate-to-high-level dental anxiety. IV sedation is also apt for those who need more extensive dental work or people with a strong gag reflex. We may administer this form of sedation if you have to undergo longer and multiple procedures at a time. 

How Is IV Sedation Given?

We will take a very thin needle and insert it into your vein near the surface of your skin. The areas where the needle is injected include your arm or the back of your wrist. The medications enter your body through a tube connected to the needle, thus keeping in it throughout the procedure. If you have a fear of needles, we may also use a local anesthetic to numb the area where the needle is to be injected. 

What Happens After the Procedure? 

This form of sedation may make you feel slightly drowsy for several hours, even after the procedure. You are advised not to drive alone and bring a friend or family member along to take you back home. We also recommend not to perform any strenuous activity for 24 hours after IV sedation. Do not consume alcohol or unapproved medication. Avoid operating heavy machinery. 

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