General Anesthesia in Portland, OR

General Anesthesia in Portland, OR

Sedation dentistry is a dedicated branch for all patients who feel nervous and fearful of undergoing any dental treatment. While it works most of the time, in some cases, we have to go beyond sedation dentistry and offer general anesthesia to our patients. 

General anesthesia is most commonly used in minor and major surgeries at the hospital. Its use in dentistry is rare, as it is considered a last resort if other means of sedation do not suffice. When options like nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or even IV sedation do not work, we may administer general anesthesia before we start with the treatment. This form of sedation keeps you entirely unaware of your surroundings. You do not feel anything, nor do you have any memory of the treatment. 

When Is General Anesthesia Offered? 

We offer general anesthesia only under extraordinary circumstances. If IV sedation doesn’t work for you or if the procedure is serious enough and you are extremely fearful about sitting in the dental chair, we may offer this form of sedation to relieve and calm you. General anesthesia is also administered in all cases where the procedure is too invasive and lengthy.

The cases where we may offer general anesthesia include corrective jaw surgery, surgical tooth extractions, oral cancer surgery, bone grafting surgery, sleep apnea surgery, cleft lip surgery, etc. 

How Is General Anesthesia Administered? 

  • Before starting the treatment, we will inject a needle into your arm. 
  • We may also give you a breathing mask to inhale gaseous anesthesia. Its effects make you sleepy. 
  • Once you are asleep, we will insert a tube into your mouth and down your windpipe. This step ensures that you get enough oxygen. It also protects your lungs from blood and other fluids. 
  • We will monitor you continuously while you are asleep. 
  • General anesthesia involves the use of longer-acting medication. Once the needle is inserted, you will barely feel anything. After the drug takes effect, you will become numb. It is advised to bring a friend to drive you home as you may not be able to do it for yourself. 

Why Use General Anesthesia? 

  • With the help of general anesthesia, multiple appointments can be consolidated into one. 
  • You will not feel any pain during the entire procedure. The treatment is carried out smoothly. 
  • General anesthesia can be used in combination with sedation dentistry to relieve pain, anxiety, discomfort, and fear. 
  • Administering general anesthesia is safe and effective for all. 

Dr. Enrique Abreu Offers General Anesthesia At Fear Free Dental

Dr. Enrique Abreu administers general anesthesia for patients during Fear Free Dental's procedures. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he skillfully assists patients in achieving a state of deep sedation, ensuring their utmost comfort throughout the dental treatment process. Driven by a commitment to patient safety, he meticulously practices precautionary measures during the administration of anesthesia while maintaining cost efficiency. Patients can rely on him not only for inducing sleep but also for providing detailed information and guidance regarding the entire procedure. Dr. Abreu's exceptional expertise ensures that each patient feels at ease, knowing they are under the care of a compassionate professional who prioritizes their well-being above all else.

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