Specialist Referrals

At Fear Free Dental, we provide specialist referrals to the best dentists to ensure we provide the quality care for our patients.

Endodontics: Dr. Edwards

Dr. Edwards has long been a visiting dentist at Fear Free Dental. Being a conservative at providing treatment, he uses the latest high-power microscopes that help to drill small holes into crowned teeth. Through the process, along with Dr. Little, he helps save the patient's tooth beneath the crown. This can help the patient save on the cost of a brand new crown. Dr. Edwards makes sure to adorn the salvaged teeth artistically. The patients can count on the duo for a good dental experience.

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Anesthesiologist: Dr. Abreu

Dr. Abreu is a medical doctor who specializes in general anesthesia. Being an anesthesiologist, he has helped Dr. Little during dental surgeries. He helps the patients drop to sleep by sedating them and offers expertise regarding the same. He practices safety and cost-efficiency during the procedure and provides all details regarding the process to the patients.

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Periodontist: Dr. Cynthia Layport

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