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Shana - Office Manager

Shana was brought on as office manager in April of 2022. She got her start in the dental field as an assistant in 2006 but has been primarily in the front office since 2009. She has worked in a number of specialty fields as well as general practices. With extensive knowledge in all aspects of dentistry she is happy to answer any questions you may have!

Debbie - Administrative Assistant

Debbie joined our office in May of 2022. She started working in dentistry in highschool, as an assistant, and now enjoys working in the front office. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her grandchildren.

Kristalynn - Marketing Manager

Kristalynn originally came on as a Sterile Technician in July of 2021. Her first experience in the dental field found her quickly expanding beyond the role of a clinical support member and she began helping in a wider scope. She found a passion for Dental Marketing and Advertising. Dr. Little and Kristalynn worked together to improve the office's website and marketing approach with a focus on becoming as accessible to patients as possible. After a year in the dental field, Kristalynn relocated to become a full-time Marine Biology Major at the University of Oregon. We were able to retain her talents by creating the remote position of Marketing Manager and you might catch her in office on Christmas or Summer Breaks! In the few hours she’s not studying or working she likes to use her creativity to bake treats, craft or head out to the beach.

Suzanne - Dental Assistant

Suzanne came to us over 5 years ago after a career as a CNA and running her own private daycare center. When she first started it was as our sterile technician and over the years she has continued to grow with our practice. She has since become certified as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and is a pillar of our practice. She is married to Chad Little, our primary lab technician who is both Dr. Little’s brother and who operates West Hills Dental Lab out of the same building. When we say our office is family, we mean it!

Rosie - Dental Hygienist

Rosie joined us part time here at West Hills Dental Center in the winter of 2022. She received her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene in 2008 and has been practicing ever since. She enjoys working with a wide demographic and feels that it is important to volunteer to help the underserved portions of our population. She uses those volunteer opportunities to act as an educator to help people understand the impact your oral health has on your overall well being. She prides herself on being thorough and you will leave her care with a truly gleaming smile.

Jasmine - Sterile Technician & OSHA Coordinator

Jasmine joined us here at West Hills Dental Center in September of 2022. Her dental career began in her home state of Utah, as a Sterile Technician in a fast paced Oral Surgery practice. She was there for three years prior to moving to Portland and bringing her positive energy and bright smile to our team. In addition to being our Sterile Technician, she has taken on the role of OSHA Coordinator, and is expanding her skill set as she works toward becoming an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.
Growing up, Jasmine spent most of her time participating in a variety of team sports, basketball being her favorite. These days Jasmine spends time in her Jeep offroading through the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or rollerblading through the city. On rainy days she likes to craft and make resin and floral art.

Kade - Dental Hygienist

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Karin - Dental Assistant

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