Advanced Technology

  • At Fear Free Dental, we are dedicated to investing in technology that offers our patients the best dental care results.

Having a 3D cone beam machine in our office means we can provide patients with the most accurate and clear diagnostic radiography - a dental cone beam scan.

What Is a Dental Cone Beam Scan?

A dental cone beam scan is a special type of X-ray taken by dental professionals to gather information not provided by traditional two-dimensional diagnostic imaging.

What Is Displayed in a Cone Beam Scan?

A dental cone beam scan can duplicate three-dimensional structures of a patient’s teeth, soft tissue, jawbones, and nerves.

How Are Images Acquired?

Taking a CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scan is a fast and painless image-taking process for patients and clinicians.

You will be taken into a room where the cone beam machine is located. The image capturing process requires you to be in a standing position in front of the cone beam machine.

The clinician will walk you to the front of the machine. They will position your head and body into proper alignment.

Shortly after, the machine will start to rotate around your head. After twenty seconds, a full three-dimensional model of your mouth is ready for diagnostic interpretation.

Why Are 3D Images Useful?

Using 3D technology, our office can provide a transparent treatment planning process. We are able to capture and assess an abundance of information about your oral health.

Utilizing 3D images, we can isolate potential problem areas for the best treatment results.

3D imaging technology also allows your dentist to:

  • map your entire mouth to diagnose areas of infections
  • plan surgical extractions
  • virtually place implants
  • create surgical guides for precise implant placement

Oral surgeryis a scary procedure for many patients. However, 3D imaging allows us to map and diagnose oral surgery cases precisely.

Three-dimensional mapping (reading/ navigating a 3D scan)builds patient trust while providing Dr. Little with more accurate diagnostic information, making oral surgeries more predictable than ever.

Implants: Before 3D imaging, dentists had to rely on the limited information provided by traditional digital X-rays.

Digital X-rays only provide diagnostic information in black and white and provide no information about your mouth’s bone density.

3D imaging provides patients and clinicians access to crucial diagnostic information about bone density, bone depth, and bone width, information that is essential to planning for successful implants.

Is the 3D Scan Covered by My Insurance?

Unfortunately, because 3D imaging is a new diagnostic technology, a large portion of dentists have not invested in 3D imaging.

Currently, digital X-ray imaging is the standard of diagnostic care for patients, making 3D imaging an out-of-pocket expense for patients.

How Much Does a 3D Scan Cost?

With a one-time fee of $250, a copy of your cone beam scan can always be provided upon your request.

Transparent Patient Care: Building trust with patients is not always an easy task.

3D imaging provides patients and dentists the ability to simultaneously map full mouth 3D scans to diagnose/view areas of concern.

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