Tips And Tricks To Ease Dental Fear

Tips And Tricks To Ease Dental Fear

Dental phobia is a fear of dental procedures and treatments. Dental anxiety is a common term used for dental phobia. Dental anxiety or phobia is an extreme fear of the dentist or anything related to dental treatments. Dental anxiety can be so severe that it prevents you from visiting the dentist, which can result in serious dental problems. Listed below are some tips by the Dentist in Portland, OR, to ease dental fear.

Discuss your worries with your dentist in Portland, OR

Talking to the dentist in Portland, OR, about your anxieties can help him/her understand your situation. Once you have discussed your concerns, explain your fear – whether it has to do with the sound of the drill or pain from shots. Tell the dentist what works best for you and what he/she can do to ease those fears. For example, you can ask the dentist to play soft music during your treatment to drown out the noise from the drill. If getting an injection gives you anxiety, you can ask for medication to help you relax.

You may also want to ask if you can take breaks during the procedure or if you can schedule multiple appointments at once, allowing you to finish the treatments more quickly. Knowing what to expect can ease your worries and help you feel more in control of the situation.

Agree on a signal with your dentist in Portland, OR

Once you’ve talked to your dentist in Portland, OR, you may want to agree on a signal to use if you need a break. A hand raise is usually a good choice since you can discreetly raise your hand so that the dentist can see it. The dentist can then stop the treatment and let you take a break before resuming when he/she sees that you are ready again. This can help you feel more comfortable with the process because you will have control over when you need to stop and take a breather. It can also help to make the whole process go more smoothly when you aren’t stopping every few seconds to ask for breaks.

Take someone with you for emotional support

Bring your most trusted family member or friend along to your dental appointment to the dentist in Portland, OR. Having a familiar face with you will help ease any fear you may have so you can feel more at ease during your visit.

Bring a distraction with you

One of the best ways to distract yourself during a procedure is to bring a distraction. A distraction could be a book, music, or even your cellphone. Audiobooks and music are great ways to keep your mind occupied while you sit through the procedure. Also, if your dentist allows it, you could also bring a friend or a family member with you who can provide support during your treatment.

Consider dental sedation

Ask your dentist in Portland, OR, about sedation dentistry if you have extreme anxiety. Sedation will help ease discomfort and anxiety during treatments. Talk to your dentist about which sedation option is suitable for you. You may feel groggy after the procedure. Arrange for a ride home, and do not operate heavy machinery for several hours after the treatment.

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