Oral Sedation (Pills)

Oral sedatives are nothing new – valium has been around for over 50 years. It is also a safe option and its use in dentistry is on the rise. A dentist must take extra continuing education to acquire the skills, licenses and equipment necessary to administer oral sedatives. We don’t upcharge for these… you say “what?” Yeah… the calmer you are the calmer I am during your treatment so it’s a win-win. We just ask that you pay for the pill only. Sounds perfect, right? Well, not so fast… the effectiveness of these pills are all over the map! I can have it work well with one patient and not work at all for the next which can be very frustrating! To make things worse, it reacts differently depending on the time of day as well as other outside factors such as your particular chemistry in the stomach at that time. I still use oral sedation quite often for those who just need the “edge” taken off for moderate sedation and if I don’t find it effective that’s where IV Sedation comes into play.

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