IV Sedation

The IV Sedation concept is quite simple. Basically, we use the same sedatives as you would with pills, but here is the magic word: “titrate.” We titrate to effect which means we continuously give small doses of the IV fluids to the patients until we’ve reached the desired level of comfort. When we start an IV, it allows us to incrementally manage the dose that goes “immediately” to effect so it can be adjusted as needed. Statistically speaking, IV Sedation is safer than local anesthetic on its own! IV is much more predictable than pills and in many cases, it’s also more effective. It is fairly cost efficient, in fact, it’s less than half the cost of general anesthesia. However, in our office, about 1 out of 20 patients will need general anesthesia because the IV route just doesn’t do it.

*IV Sedation is the most predictable form of sedation and our patients like the fact that it’s safer. Think about it… If you’re prescribed pills, there are many factors to be considered. Pills are absorbed in the intestine and variables such as food, stress, time and weight can all have an effect so it’s very hard to predict the proper dose needed at your appointment. The ability to give you just the right amount is very difficult and doctors error on the light side to prevent an overdose which can be serious… so what if you’re still anxious? Take more pills? How many? How long will it take? For these reasons, it’s hard to adjust once you’re in the office. By administering drugs directly into your system through IV, we can give you the perfect dose for your needs. It’s safer because by titration of the dose we can immediately monitor your level, so unlike the pills, it’s tailor-made for you right when you need it: no more and no less. Further, we have reversal drugs that can be used immediately, if necessary. With pills it’s just not possible to reverse a dose quickly which is why we begin with a lighter dose in the first place.

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