General Anesthesia

It works well in dentistry, however, here is the major difference: You are no longer using sedatives; you are most likely using Propafal, a hypnotic/amnestic. It requires a separate licensed Doctor to administer (an anesthesiologist) because the dentist (the operator) cannot manage an unconscious patient safely and perform dentistry at the same time. If at any time you have general anesthesia and the anesthesia is being performed by the operating doctor… think about getting a second opinion. This is true general anesthesia- just like in the hospital. It is the only true “sleep dentistry.” We do not “upcharge” for this service and therefore it keeps the cost lower, but it’s still about three times more expensive than IV Sedation due to the need for an outside anesthesiologist. I have worked with Dr. Abreu for many years and have performed everything from cleanings to multiple surgeries- it is very useful for patients who have found other sedation options ineffective.

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