‘Yeah… we do that.’ So does everyone else it seems because implant placement itself is not difficult. There is no such thing as an implant specialist! General dentists provided ‘implants’ long before oral surgeons and periodontists were involved. How do you know who is good? Good question! Many of my surgical colleagues are great ‘implantologists,’ but don’t advertise as such. An honest face-to-face conversation with the doctor is a great way to ‘feel’ that he or she is providing implants as a great service, not as a commodity. They will tell you the pros and cons of other options as well. Anyone who is going to lowball (the cost of) or “sell” you implants… Run! This is a surgical procedure that needs to be planned in phases from start to finish over a period of time. The ‘implant’ is the easy part. Give us a call!

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