Treatment Options

At West Hills Dental, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and to us that means providing our patients with as many options as possible. Below are a list of services currently offered at our office. If you have any questions, please call us at (503)291-0000 and we would be happy to help.

Sedation Options

Preventative Care/Affordable Periodontal Therapy (“Cleanings”)
Restorative Services/Crown/Bridge
Periodontal Surgery (Gum Grafting)
Endodontic Services (Root Canals)
Oral Surgery
Orthodontics Services
Snoring, Sleep Apnea & Related Dental Appliances


I chose fear free dental many years ago because I saw that many patients “fear” the dentist, but not for the same reasons. I have found 5 main reasons patients fear the dentist and one of them may apply to you. Click on the button/topic you are interested in and I will try to explain how we may be able to help.


PAIN AND ANXIETY…it’s real!!!

Pain and anxiety are the #1 fear factor for visiting the dentist. There are even dental fear forums on the web with thousands of results! It’s real and is hardly mentioned to dentists while attending school so when a ‘new’ dentist begins a practice they find it frustrating and time consuming to deal with the ‘fearful patient.’ This causes both the patient AND dentist to become anxious and stressed which only worsens the situation. Some dentists will take post-doctoral courses on ways to manage the pain, fear and anxiety which brings us to four general categories of sedation: laughing gas, pills, IV sedation and general anesthesia. (click to treatment explanation for each service)


Yes, prices have risen. In 1963, this office charged $8 for a cleaning performed by Dr. Clarke. Today the cleaning is $98 which is 12 times more expensive. Around the same time cars were $3,000 and new houses were $12,650 so the cost of dentistry has stayed in line with other “stuff.” Medicine, however, is a different story! The cost is not the issue – it is the value that is the concern. If you are a “price-shopper” then we are most likely not the office for you, but if you are looking for value then we will be a great fit… below are some of our patient’s views on value.


In many dental offices they value quantity over quality. At West Hills Dental, we want to provide our patients with the ultimate dental experience from start to finish. We consider our patients friends and strive to make their visits with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. To us, that means not only providing them with exceptional customer service and honest dentistry, but also giving them all options available for their individual case (not just what insurance will cover). I highly value education and continue to attend seminars and workshops to increase my knowledge as well as stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and technology in the dental industry.


Trust is earned over time. Flashy walls and expensive equipment don’t equate trust. My mentor, Dr. Clarke, believed that earning a patients trust is priceless. It takes years of building relationships with patients to begin understanding how priceless being a dentist is. Dr. Clarke passed in 2004 and after 20 years I now understand… I just wish he was still here so I could tell him how right he was.


This is a tough issue because in all professions there are ethical dilemmas. Dr. Clarke, who was my mentor, was the past president of the American College of Dentists that wrote the book on ethics for dentists. In my opinion, if you have to go to courses that show you how to “Sell dentistry so it doesn’t feel like selling dentistry” (which is a real course) needs to re-examine their professional ethics. In our office, we will always follow the ethics set aside by the ACD. You will always be given an explanation of all your options so you can choose which may work best for you. You will be well-informed of all your options with no financial surprises.