Patient Experiences

Honestly I was expecting a painful shot in my gum but it wasn’t, it was just a viabration on my teeth that I could barly feel. All my friends were telling me that you have to get a big shot that nums your teeth. It’s really not as bad as you think it is. All you get is a drill through your teeth and they feel the hole with this stuff that blends in with your teeth. Then last they clean your teeth off with water. And your done!

Jake H. (13 years old)


I would like to thank all of you for the excellent care I received during my dental surgery. I know a lot of people have a fear of the dentist, but I can honestly say the care I received was awesome. I had no pain and I was relaxed the entire time I was there. These people really care. Thank you again.

Coralee T.


All my love to the wonderful people at West Hills Dental. The care and compassion shines through and through. Combine the knowledge that Dr. Little has for his dentistry and the passion for excellence and the care of the entire team has changed my life. To return my smile to happy instead of embarrassment. A long time illness that Dr. Little has cured for me. Thank you a thousand times over.

Tori S.


Best. Dentist. Ever.

Dr. Little is EXACTLY what you look for when you’re searching for a “Family Dentist ” I have been through the wringer on dental problems from being hit by a car as a child. I searched high and low, and when I landed on Dr. Little, I landed on both feet. Not only is he an amazing dentist by trade, but his bedside manner and price are nothing short of excellent. Not only him, but his ENTIRE staff is amazing. They welcome you like family, and you really feel taken care of and grateful. All of them. I am truly thankful for having found these wonderful people. I will be going here for life, as well as my Wife, and future children we plan to have. If you’re looking, look no further. I have been to many dentists with my dental problems, and no one has even come close to these terrific people.

Casey K.


Thorough and happy employees at the dentist! Love being greeted coming into the dentist office by a positive receptionist, and then being greeted by more happy and personal personnel! I was on time and so was my appointment. The dental hygienist was amazing with her knowledge and expertise! When Dr. Little entered the room, I was relaxed knowing everything was under control. Dr. Little loves his work, and it was so obvious in his mannerism! I knew he would methodically check my teeth, which he did. All in all, if going to the dentist could be a happy experience, it was!

Diane K.


I like going to the dentist!

Normally I don’t write reviews but when it comes to West Hills Dental I make an exception. I’ve been a patient for 10 years and have always been very satisfied with Dr. Little and his entire staff. Today I had X-rays and a cleaning done by Monali, my new hygienist. She was gentle, informative and has a great sense of humor. Dr. Little is not only a very good dentist, he has exceptional hiring abilities! My job recently relocated to Lake Oswego so their office is a bit out of the way for me now, but wouldn’t think if changing offices.
Very content.

Pam K.


Friendly, thorough service

We are very happy with Dr. Little and his team. They are always courteous and considerate and provide thorough insight and recommendations. The office and waiting area are always clean and cheery and festive for the various holidays. It is enjoyable coming for our visits!

Alyson B.


Best Dentist Ever

I am completely dental phobic. West Hills is so understanding and makes every effort to make it a comfortable pleasant experience. Every single person there is patient and empathetic and on top of it they do amazing work for a fair and reasonable cost. Love West Hills Family Dental and Dr. Little!

Rachel W.


Super friendly and compassionate.

I’m new to West Hills Dental, but so far… so great! Dr. Little and his staff have been nothing but kind and helpful in getting a problem tooth treated. They have been very compassionate and careful when working with me, due to my high anxiety with dental work. I’m thankful I found a dentist who listens to my concerns.

Gail W.


Great and trustworthy

Small town dentist feeling in a big town. A great dentist if you want that one-on-one time and to not feel like you’re just another customer.

Elliott W.


Good Place!

I went in for a consultation and spoke with Taunya and Dr. Little. I was anxious but also felt comfortable because they were both so nice and willing to go out of their way to help me. The office environment was calm and quiet and overall it was a good experience even though I have bad dental anxiety.
Keep up the good work!!

Jenn B.


Keep up the good work!!

My visits at the dental center were very pleasant. It feels very homey. A very pleasant atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly. A wonderful place to go.

Janet H.


Gentle and Efficient

I had been 5 years since I’d had my teeth cleaned. My gums are always sensitive and so even a teeth cleaning is uncomfortable and after 5 years I was expecting kind of a rough go of it. But Bekah, my hygienist, was great. She was gentle, fast without rushing and knew all kinds of clever ways to make it easier for a person with a sensitive mouth to endure a cleaning. She always had my comfort and feelings in mind. I appreciated her service very much and I hope I let her know.

Diane G.


Create a bridge for a broken tooth

This difficult experience for me, in dental care, was incredibly pain free! The care I received from each of the staff was so sensitive and comforting I only needed to work on keeping my tensions down within me. The next day I was completely pain free with no swelling of my face!! I am grateful for the skills that Dr. Little and his staff have in being gentle and caring of their patients!
Thank you!

Beverly E.


Re-establishing with Dr. Little

I had not seen Dr. Little in over 7 years and was wanting to re-establish dental care with him. I was able to get an appointment very quickly and everyone in the office was very friendly and informative. They certainly calmed my nerves and make me feel at ease, especially when I have such “dental anxiety”.

Tracey C.


I have been going to west hills dental for 20 years and the service has been nothing but outstanding. I live in San Diego now but still use Dr. Little when I come to Portland for vacation once a year. Have yet to find a dentist elsewhere with his quality.

Steve J.


On Time and On Target

My cracked cavity repair was done very carefully to avoid cracking my tooth. To my surprise the new filling looks like my tooth rather than a silver mine! They were friendly, fast and efficient. I’ve been seeing them for 16 years now.

John L.


Quick and painless

Dr. Little did a small filling this morning, I was in and out in no time. Dr. Little and his team do a great job of explaining what they are doing and why. I’m also impressed with the ongoing education and investment that everyone does to keep up and ahead of other dental groups.

John E.


The best care

There is a great staff and dentist who can care for patients with dental anxiety. The dentist is keeping up with the latest technology and takes the time to explain what’s happening in depth. I am working on my 2nd implant and have not had one ounce of pain or any problems. I recommend everyone I know.

Jennifer J.


I actually look forward to my Dental appointments now

Dr. Little and his professional team have really changed my experience with dental procedures. I have lost my fear of dental pain and discomfort, since Dr. Little has many ways to put a patient at ease- including sleep dentistry. Not only that, but Dr. Little performed a procedure for me that 6 other dentists had refused to do. For 30 years I had a mysterious bump on the roof of my mouth that other dentists said was just bone. Not only was it painful, but I chronically felt like I had a bad case of the flu. Dr. Little performed surgery and discovered that this was not a bony protrusion, but a pocket of infection. It healed well and I am now healthy and pain free. I brought my son to see Dr. Little and he now has a mouth full of beautiful new teeth! Dr. Little was very compassionate and kind to my son who really needed a lot of dental work. He now has a beautiful new smile. Thank you Dr. Little, you are my hero. I would recommend Dr. Little to anyone who needs a knowledgeable, skilled and caring dentist.

Sue P.


Brilliant dentist with old-fashioned values

Dr. Little is an excellent dentist and stays up on all the latest techniques. Is very friendly and willing to share his knowledge with his patients. He hires the very best staff and they treat you like family. I recommend him highly and I personally don’t want to go anywhere else.

Tommy K.


A very good dental experience from the office staff, hygienist, assistant and the dentist

We moved into this area and asked people for a dentist and followed their recommendations. This has worked out very well. Today I had a new hygienist to clean my teeth, it went very well, a professional and good experience. Then I had an assistant explain a procedure that I needed and that went very well. She answered all of my questions. Then I met with the dentist and he did a thorough examination, talked about the upcoming work he will do and took time to thoroughly explain and respond to questions. One couldn’t ask for more when dental work is needed!!

Ronald K.



Had a great appointment they are so nice and gentle. I had a terrible experience with a different local dentist and it took me a while to trust someone again but West Hills Dental exceeded my expectations! Will recommend to everyone!

S Karlson


I am always pleased when I visit your office as a patient. Your work is superb; your very friendly staff members are delightful. Dr. Steven Little, you are wonderful.

Dorothy W.


Tony and I were both so pleased to once again receive excellent care at West Hills Family Dental. Dr. Little and all of the staff are so welcoming, attentive, and thorough. We are so glad to be receiving such great dental care!!!

Kathy W.


Wonderful Experience!

As always the staff was very polite and well-mannered and getting my teeth cleaned went very well! One of the best things I love about this dental office is that they explain the work they are doing and why they are doing it. I never feel like they are feeding me a bunch on nonsense or trying to get me to have unnecessary work done.

Jamaal L.


Friendly and Efficient

West Hills Family Dental provides needed prevention and intervention dental care in a positive manner. My latest experience was with a dental hygienist. She was thorough, efficient, and friendly. After the cleaning, she answered all of my questions knowledgeably and assured me I could call back if there were any more questions that popped up. I’ve been with West Hills for fourteen years now and have always had satisfactory experiences.

A. Tsugawa


Dental pleasures

When one is greeted personally by name, taken care of within minutes of scheduled appointment, provided clear explanations of one’s treatment plan (short/long term), inclusive of alternatives and cost comparisons and respectfully reminded of next appointment for continued care — one can experience dental pleasure!

Shirley F.


Excellent care as always

As always a pleasant, fear & pain free experience. These guys have made going to the dentist something I no longer avoid or dread.
Thank You!

Fergal D.


Dental Anxiety, on my way to improvement.

Spent most of my life with anxiety and depression. It has manifested itself in many aspects of my life. Travel, work, and health care. With health care being the worst. Many years of hard work have helped me overcome/live with most facets of this disease, but health care, especially dental has always been too big a hurdle. With the help of the staff at West Hills Family Dental, I am making real strides to better dental health. They are caring, friendly, and truly seem to understand how to help. I never thought I would say this, but I think I am actually looking forward to my next appointment. A most sincere thank you to Dr. Little and the Staff.

Tom J.