Meet The Team

WEB-DRCarrying on a dental tradition.

Craftsmanship of the 40’s brought into the high technology of today!

Dr. Little – DMD FAGD

In 1993, I began studies in dental laboratory skills. I entered a prestigious dental lab school and after graduation, began working in-house for prominent dentists that exposed me to world class dentistry. Dr. Gordon Christiansen (see CRA) is the one that motivated me to return to school to complete my education. After graduating from OHSU with a Doctorate in Dental Medicine, I began work at my current location where Dr. Clarke served as my mentor. Dr. Clarke introduced me to a high level of comprehensive dental care that spanned back to 1943. I then completed one year of Continuing Education in orthodontics and one year in Implantology (maxi course American Association Implant Dentistry). I completed a mini-residency in IV Sedation with an advanced cardiac life support certificate and have acquired over 1,000 hours in ‘extra’ education. I then passed the test and received my Fellowship in the AGD (see AGD he is soon to receive his Mastership). With years of continuing education, a fantastic mentorship and by surrounding myself with the highest quality staff, I am able to provide you with the quality of care all of our patients deserve.

My job in our dental office is to present all options available in dentistry from simple dental exams to implants and snore appliances. If we can’t provide it I will refer you to someone who does. It’s not about ‘business’ it’s about service… at West Hills Dental we strive to earn your respect.

-Dr. Little


Catherine – FAADOM

I have been the Office Manager for over 16 years with West Hills Dental and I’ve been in the dental field for over 25 years.  I was one of the first in Oregon to receive my fellowship with the American Association of Office Managers in 2010. My day at our practice is made up of doing everything I can to ensure our practice runs smoothly as possible and our patients leave having the best dental experience. I have been married to my husband Lloyd since 2003. I have three children; Jennifer, Josh, Jocelyn and six wonderful grandkids. When away from the office I enjoy spending time with my grandkids, walking, sewing, biking and gardening. Every once in a while you might even catch me country dancing!



In September 2014, I graduated from Heald College with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science and my dental assisting certification. I love being a dental assistant and a mom. I’m very inspired to keep learning and I’m very motivated by my family. I love to cook and craft during my free time. I feel very fortunate to be part of the West Hills Dental family.



I was born and raised in Portland, OR and graduated from dental assisting school in January of 2000. I have been working at West Hills Dental as Dr. Little’s chair side assistant since February of 2010. I have a true passion for working in the dental field and continue to extend my education whenever possible. My focus towards patients consist of trust, satisfaction and TLC. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, family, friends and fury companions.


Monali – RDH

I graduated from Virginia Community College with an Associate in Applied Science – Dental Hygiene in 2010. I spent my childhood in both India and Virginia. I lived in North Carolina for two years before moving to Beaverton, OR in February 2015. I love being a dental hygienist. I’m very passionate about helping patients maintain their healthy smile. I joined the West Hills Dental Family in March 2015. I have also volunteered with Bradley Free Dental Clinic and the Mission of Mercy Dental project. Away from work, I like to shop, try new restaurants/food and travel to different places.



I am currently pursuing an associate’s degree in business with a focus in entrepreneurship. I became a part of the West Hills Dental Family as a sterile technician September of 2015. Before having worked in the dental industry, I would have described my dream career as being in a position to help others and positively impact their lives. Working alongside the amazing family oriented staff at West Hills, I’m finding it hard not to change my educational/career goals. Outside of work I love animals and enjoy learning new information about almost anything – especially pertaining to the medical and business fields.


Bekah – RDH

I came to West Hills Dental from Brunswick, Maine where I was a dental hygienist for four years. I love making my patients feel comfortable while cleaning their teeth and also love learning new things. If you have questions regarding your teeth or gums, chances are I will have an answer, but if not, I will happily do the research to find one! Besides dental hygiene, I love my husband Matt, my mom, dad and sister as well as my two cats; Loki and Thor. In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking, exploring and learning Japanese.



Hi I’m Chad Little, I’m married and have 3 kids and a granddaughter. I’ve been working with Dr. Little and his office for almost 20 years as their in house lab technician. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and being able to create crowns and veneers for his patients. The most enjoyable part of my job is being able to meet and getting to know his patients. It’s very rewarding seeing patients smile as they leave the dental office. Oh! I also can’t complain about my job security, if he fires me I’ll tell mom!


When we need ‘more hands on deck’ we refer to our outside team of specialists and colleagues that I am proud to work with. Here are the main colleagues/specialists that I’ve spent years working with to provide our patients with extra options that otherwise may not be available. By bringing other points of view to the table it ensures that you are getting what you ‘need’ and not just what ‘we provide’. In the long run you have more options and are able to be more cost effective.

Orthodontics: Dr. Handick
Endodontics: Dr. Edwards
Oral Surgery: Dr. Beadnell
Anesthesiologist: Dr. Abreyu
Dental Stress Specialist: Robin Hart


Dental Stress Specialist: Robin Hart M.C,h.t, M.RET

Dental PTSD, Fear, Apprehension, the list goes on. One thing that is absolutely true is that nothing, I mean nothing that is done in a dental office is fun! The idea of even having your teeth cleaned requires a light in your face and instruments in your mouth – not “fun.”

After many years of providing treatment to those with serious dental anxiety we have realized how our own dental community has ignored these issues(patients). I could go on about the reasons why but the insurance cost cutting hasn’t helped.
For those who are trying to get over the hurdle of seeing the dentist, we are proud to introduce Robin Hart. She is experienced in these issues and may well be the help you need to begin the road to health.
Please visit her website and or call us with any questions.


Orthodontics: Dr. Handick

Dr. Handick and I have been working together for years. She has the ethics and ‘smarts’ that our tough orthodontic cases require. I would estimate that 75% of orthodontic cases are relatively easy and are completed in our office. If we identify the difficult cases that may require correcting skeletal alignment issues or complex oral facial surgery to align facial bones with the teeth, then we bring in Dr. Handick. She may cost more, but in a difficult case it’s definitely worth it! She’s great at explaining details and our patients return with nothing but praise.


Endodontics: Dr. Edwards

Dr. Edwards and I have been working together for over 15 years and also worked with his mentor, Dr. Cutura since in 1993. Dr. Edwards is very conservative and only does what is needed (which is not always the case!) He uses the latest high power microscopes to drill very small holes through crowned teeth which can sometimes ‘save’ the tooth beneath the crown ultimately saving the patient the cost of a new crown which can be as high as $1400. Dr. Little works closely with Dr. Edwards to artistically salvage teeth that otherwise may have been lost or could have ended up costing a small fortune. Again, it may end up costing a bit more, but is worth every penny!


Oral Surgery: Dr. Beadnell

I was introduced to Dr. Beadnell in 1993 and have relied on him for consultation with difficult cases ever since. Minor oral surgery is done by most general dentists, however, in complex oral reconstruction cases he has been my ‘go-to’ guy for many years. He is a great lecturer at OHSU and is very easy to talk to. He has expanded over the years and I have also worked with his associates. If you want an honest consultation regarding a difficult case, no one is better than Dr. Beadnell and his outstanding team.


Anesthesiologist: Dr. Abreyu

Dr. Abreyu is an anesthesiologist and is a great asset to our office. I am licensed to administer IV Sedation, however, sometimes IV and oral sedation are just not enough. Dr. Abreyu is a medical Doctor that specializes in general anesthesia in the dental office. Sedation and ‘general anesthesia’ are very different! If you need this type of sedation, the ‘operator’ (dentist or oral surgeon) cannot operate the anesthesia while also performing treatment. I have worked with Dr. Abreyu for years and although the different levels may be confusing, they will be explained to you in great detail and your needs will be met with the upmost safety and cost efficiency.